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Pepsea's Tasks
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So what sorts of things does a Service Dog do? Here's a list that names a few:

  • Open Doors with Pull Cord.
  • Open Doors with line with "D" ring attached to his vest or harness.
  • Opens doors with pushing handicap button.
  • Closes doors.
  • Closes cabinets and drawers on command that are within his reach.
  • Picks items up that I drop on command.
  • Retrieves phone that is ringing off base.
  • Retrieves cell phone for me.
  • Hands shoes up to me once I slip them off.
  • Takes socks off and hands them to me.
  • Places laundry in basket.
  • Pulls laundry basket to laundry room.
  • Hands all the laundry to me to place in washer.
  • Holds items in mouth on command.
  • Drops items on command.
  • Can do a sit stay for 5-10 minutes without owner nearby.
  • Can do a down stay for 5-10 minutes without owner nearby.
  • Excellent recall without leash from up to 15 feet or longer.
  • Can do down stay with owner up to 4 hours.
  • Can do a sit stay for 1 hour with owner.
  • Retrieves remote control from various spots in the house.
  • Takes and covers owner up with blankets.
  • Takes blankets off owner.
  • Alerts to breathing equipment not working right.
  • Alerts to low potassium and irregular heart rate.
  • Assists in stopping spasms by placing direct pressure on foot, legs, or arms.
    Walks with special harness.
  • Trained to go with scooter, power chair, walker, and manual chair.
  • Leads out, Right, Left, Halt, Forward, Whoa, Backup commands.
  • Working on doing each step at a time on steep stair case.
  • Picks items off shelf in store on command.
  • Picks items up off foot rest and hands to owner or places on counter.
  • Retrieves groceries in canvass bag.
  • Retrieves items by name and point system.
  • Carry basket with a few selected items in.
  • Can brace while own gets up or down from sitting positions.
  • Assist owner off floor if she has fallen.
  • Runs the vaccum cleaner Roomba by hitting the button on command to start it and when it stops he can retarget the button to restart it.
  • Fetch and hand a reacher to his owner.
  • Toss garbage in trash can.
  • Moves items out of the way to get down isle if necessary.
  • Can bring manual wheelchair to me on command or walker.
  • Open the refrigerator and get a pop out of it and bring it to me on command.
  • Taking items between people on command.
  • Alerting to emergency situations.
  • Goes for help if problem.
  • Retrieves medication if needed.
  • Closes dishwasher
  • Turns lights on and off with regular switch.
  • Open doors with pushing handicapped button.
  • Walks with a special harness to help his owner steady when she walks
    short distances.
  • Can open refrigerator door and get a pop out and give it to me and
    close the door.
  • Can open and close drawers.
  • Can open and close cabinet doors for owner.
  • Alerts to dropped medication on the floor.