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Bret D Lord Pepsea of Sundell  'Pepsea'

"A Special thank you to co-owner Debbie Zink, John Galloway, for
placing a major on Pepsea his first weekend out showing, and to Jo (from
the boxer group) for her wonderful handling of Pepsea and giving him
some first place wins. Thanks to the many Judges for Pepsea's wins.
There have been many wins and will never be forgotten! Those many Judges
truly knew a great dog with topline, gait, stacking ability,
temperament, intelligence, markings, color, and the list goes on. Pepsea
is one dog the Dalmatian community can be very proud of coming from
champion lines of 'Coach' and 'Becka'. He truly is a Champion in his own
right by his work as a service dog and a dual show dog career. Little
did I know how sick Pepsea was with a severe intestinal tract infection
the entire time he was showing thinking it was something in the bait he
was allergic too. Finally, after repeated vet visits, changing diet
around, omitting things from his diet, and testing we found the source of
his massive diarrhea and got him better on a long course of two
antibiotics. However, Pepsea never missed a beat continuing to win and
provide handicap services to his owner with a spinal cord injury with
picking items up and steadying her when she needed it, and helping her
in her manual wheelchair, power chair, or walker, to retrieve items,
turn lights on, open doors and close doors, etc. Pepsea will hopefully
leave a great legacy that many
in the Dalmatian community will continue to talk about for years to


Bred by: Bret D Dalmatians, Marie 'Debbie' Zink

Owned by: Carol Sundell & Marie 'Debbie' Zink